Stacy Brown recently has been beamed to Santa Fe from early 16th-century Florence - or Rome - where she was a jobber for Raphael. painting flocks of background angels. She can't remember exactly how she got here, but she did- complete with a dark indigo pull-string bag full of oils and pigments and grinding stones and alchemical varnishes. Having taken a hard look at the modern world, she has returned to work as an artist; this effort has culminated in a new show, STACY BROWN: LATEST STUFF.
But her Renaissance imagery (now that the Vatican isn't hiring) depends upon the angelic faces of local Santa Fe schoolgirls and others. Consider the quirky, smirky boy on her announcement, who stares brazenly right into the easel as he balances a plastic doll of Bob's Big Boy on top of his head. What's going on? Brown doesn't know, as she'll admit with a laugh. "These paintings pretty much have to explain themselves," says Brown. "They're what I've been doing this year, mostly in the last four months. I'm around a lot of teenagers these days, and I'm spotting some beautiful faces. I'm using a layering technique which gives the paintings that sense of being old and Italian - but not the opening we're having Chee-tos and cookies and pink wine in a box."
(Dennis Jarrett)

Santa Fe Reporter November 1999


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