Albuquerque Journal
Friday, December 5, 2003

Miniature Works Give Intimate Look at Artists

By Tom Collins
For the Journal

Stacy Brown's small, deftly painted portraits of weird little children's dolls and, of all people, nuns start to look positively devilish in their murky light and dramatic lighting. And finally, the young artist-photographer Timothy Squires has a trio of square, black-and-white images that show a great deal of promise. Squires uses a plastic, 2-1/4 inch format camera called a Holga that when exploited in all of its odd imprecisions registers strange, spooky images. The landscape and bare treescapes look positively haunted, and so, too, is his shot of the backs of a ghostly white line of people walking in a New York City-scape of buildings. The off-kilter angles and fuzzy focus create a nice tense counterpoint of modern pictorialism and post-modern humor and owes a bit to an Alexander Rodchenko-like Russian Constructivism.
Small works, perhaps, but sizable effects.
Tom Collins
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